There’s no shame in asking for tap water when dining out. But how much, if anything, should a restaurant charge for tap water? We think no more than 50 Kč a carafe with free refills, when drinking alcohol and/or eating.

The actual cost of the tap water is minimal, but the restaurant still needs to pay someone to serve it, pay the initial cost of a carafe and glasses and then wash them afterward. Many restaurants also add some slices of fruit or even shungit (which is a bit like coal, but known for some anti-bacterial properties) to the carafe.

We looked back at the places visited by The Prague Review and how much was charged for tap water. Some of these prices may have increased since our visit. Let’s start with places that offered free tap water.

Free Tap Water

La Casa di Erminio Restaurant

Just a short walk from Jiřího z Poděbrad, La Casa di Erminio is a beautiful Italian restaurant by Chef Patron Erminio Mele.

A carafe of tap water was free. We also purchased a 0.5 l carafe of Primitivo 350 Kč.

Satsang Vegetarian Restaurant

Satsang is on Krymská street (although the nearest 22 tram stop is Ruská). The place has a great atmosphere and great food – even if you aren’t vegetarian.

A 0.15l glass of Merlot was 54 Kč and a free bottle of tap water is brought to every table.

Venue Restaurant

Venue is a small restaurant on Havelská Street in the centre of Prague. The place has a cool vibe and the staff were friendly.

A glass of Prosecco was 75 Kč and a fresh orange juice 95 Kč. Tap water is free.

Bar & Books

There are two Bar and Books locations in Prague; Týnská just steps away from the Old Town Square and Mánesova near Jiřího z Poděbrad. Both have a cigar lounge. Both are excellent.

A glass of Rioja in the Mánesova location is 135 Kč. A beautifully-presented carafe of tap water is free.

Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro

Want a good burger in an unpretentious bar in the centre of Prague? Sad Man’s Tongue is the right place for you.

The place feels a bit like a cross between Coyote Ugly and Roadhouse, but don’t be scared – all are welcome!

At this Konviktská street location tap water is free.

Kogo Havelská Restaurant

Kogo Havelská is the best value of all the central Prague restaurants that bear the name Kogo. It used to be much better before lockdown, but is still okay.

A glass of wine is around135 Kč. We’ve never been charged for tap water.

50 Kč or less

Botič Restaurant

The Botič Restaurant in Prague 4 – Michle, delivers fantastic food at very reasonable prices. The staff are friendly.

A glass of Malbec was 50 Kč and a 1l carafe of tap water 30 Kč. All very reasonable prices.

U Dobré Myšlenky Restaurant

U Dobré Myšlenky is an excellent restaurant between Palackého náměstí and Výtoň.

With amazing meals for only 200 Kč, we can forgive them charging 39 Kč for a carafe of water.

Hong Kong Restaurant

If you find yourself in the Karlín area of Prague, or even the Žižkov (as the tunnel walk to Karlín is downhill), then I’d recommend a visit to Hong Kong.

A glass of Primitivo was 115 Kč. A 0.75l bottle of water 45 Kč.

Národní kavárna Restaurant

The Národní kavárna Restaurant is just across the street from the National Theatre. The place has a great interior and a rich cultural history.

A 0.15l glass of Chianti Classico was 145 Kč and a carafe of water 50 Kč.

Sumi Garden Restaurant

Sumi Garden isn’t far from Jiřího z Poděbrad – walk towards the Žižkov district. The staff are friendly and the food excellent.

A glass of rosé Bardolino was 115 Kč. A litre of tap water was 50 Kč and on our first visit they charged another 50 Kč to refill the carafe. That hasn’t happened since, so Sumi just makes the 50 Kč list.

51 Kč to 100 Kč

Cafe Elektric

The central Prague, Café Elektric has a pleasant courtyard space ideal for summer dining. The food is good quality, well presented and the staff are friendly.

A glass of prosecco 95 Kč and a carafe of water with mint, lemon and lime 69 Kč.

Sia Restaurant

Sia Restaurant opened, next to the Prague Marriott, in December 2017 and we think it is still the best Asian restaurant in Prague.

A carafe of tap water with lumps of shungit (which is a bit like coal, but known for some anti-bacterial properties) in the bottom was 75 Kč. At least it was refilled for free.

La Gare Restaurant

La Gare Restaurant is just opposite Sia Restaurant and next to the Prague Hilton Old Town.

A carafe of ‘filtered’ tap water was 75 Kč. A 0.75l bottle of still or sparkling water is 99 Kč – for 24 Kč more, I would be tempted to order the bottled water as somehow I’d feel less ripped off!

Help us improve this list

Are you a restaurant owner and offer free tap water to diners? Are you a restaurant customer and want to name a restaurant that offers free tap water? Or, have you been somewhere where they refused to serve tap and you had to buy bottled water? Let us know below.