A chef really has to believe in his food to put his name to a restaurant. Prague-based, Turkish chef, Deniz Kemal, has just opened his namesake restaurant – a huge space near where the 11 and 13 trams stop at I.P Pavlova.

The place is so new that there isn’t yet any online presence. We checked the menu posted outside a few days before our visit.

The interior has been completely redecorated – the previous restaurant was pasrt of the La Torretta pizza and pasta chain, but was run down and was always empty.

Outside was freezing, but the restaurant was warm, despite the large space to heat.

There are plenty of staff – all were friendly and spoke English. We ordered two 1.5dl glasses of Merlot (90 Kč per glass). A carafe of tap water is free – so Šef Kemal is now on our list of Prague restaurants where tap water is free.

We only tried main course dishes. Both the Ali Nazik Kebab (345 Kč) and the Adana Kebab (260 Kč) were delicious.

Ali Nazik Kebab 160g – Grilled minced lamb meat served on pita bread with grilled tomato, green pepper and eggplant, yoghurt sauce with garlic and heated olive oil.


Adana Kebab 160g – Grilled skewered minced lamb meat with hot spices, served with grilled tomatoes and green pepper, bulgur and pita bread.

The bathrooms were also redecorated, clean and modern.

The bill came in its own, nicely-branded, Šéf Kemal box. Chef in Czech is ‘Šéfkuchař’. Šéf can also mean boss.

We’ll certainly return to visit Šef Kemal. There is a huge summer terrace, so it will be interesting to see that open in May/June.

Šéf Kemal
Anglická 9, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic

+420 777 483 232


www.sefkemal.com – under construction