Café Elektric has a pleasant courtyard space ideal for summer dining. The food is good quality, well presented and the staff are friendly. They’re currently only open 11 am to 4 pm but I’m sure that will change as things return to normal.

The restaurant is named after a film produced by Alexander “Sasha” Kolowrat-Krakowsky in the 1920’s. “Sasha” was the great uncle of Francesca Kolowrat, who is the creator and co-owner of the restaurant.

There is a huge basement restaurant area, but we had lunch in the courtyard while colourful umbrellas swayed above us. The tables have a glass of water with a lime – it’s to stop the menu from flying away, so don’t drink it!

A glass of prosecco 95 Kč and a carafe of water with mint, lemon and lime 69 Kč. I’d be quite happy with free water and no fruit added.

We shared a Mezze Platter; falafel, baba ghanoush, ajvar, olives, mixed leaves, hummus, beetroot hummus, pitta bread 155 Kč

Everything delicious, although I would have liked a bit more falafel.

We both had slow-cooked veal with sweet potato salad 169 Kč

An excellent dish, with melt-in-the-mouth veal.

The bathrooms are downstairs in the main restaurant. They are clean and modern. Don’t be fooled by the bathrooms at street level – they are locked with numeric keypad entry – my clumsy “Máte kód koupelny?” was met with am animated display of two fingers walking down stairs.

A good cappuccino was 70 Kč – but when did they start adding warnings to packs of sugar?

I’d recommend a visit – but try to avoid the busy lunchtime period. On our first visit, two women with a screaming baby were behind us and decided to change a nappy right there, then had the cheek to ask the waiter what they could do with the used one! There were also a group of miserable old women on the next table, who spent the entire time complaining about their work and the people they managed. Our next visit (around 1.30 pm) was far more relaxing.

And don’t forget to tip your server – they have to climb up and down stairs all day to collect food from the restaurant below.

Café Elektric
Ovocný trh 6
Prague 110 00
Czech Republic


TEL: +420 778506410