Sia opened in December 2017 and is still the best Asian restaurant in Prague. Despite the lack of tourists, closed hotels and fears over Coronavirus, the restaurant was full when we visited yesterday, Friday 5th June.

I booked our usual table in the basement, which I think is the best location of the three floors. I half expected us to be alone there, based on my recent experiences with other Prague restaurants. I was amazed to find people waiting to be seated – we were ten minutes early and the previous diners were just finishing. That gave me an opportunity to take some pictures from the first floor bar area, including one looking down to the basement.

We were soon seated at our table and ordered two glasses of Bordeaux (99 Kč for 0.15l) and a carafe of tap water with lumps of shungit (which is a bit like coal, but known for some anti-bacterial properties) in the bottom – that styling doesn’t come cheap @ 75 Kč. At least it was refilled for free.

On previous occasions, we’ve received an amuse-bouche or non-alcoholic cocktail – looks like those times are over.

The dim sum are always delicious, but come in threes. That usually means that we order two portions, even though the main course is so huge that it’s too much food. There was also a new gyoza on the menu. Thanks to our waitress, we discovered that it’s possible to order four of anything and the price is adjusted pro rata. The four gyoza (317 Kč) were just perfect.

Half Peking duck served in two courses (695 Kč for two):
First. Duck breasts with ten pancakes, ginger, cucumber, cantaloupe melon and plum sauce – we always ask to substitute Hoisin sauce.
Second. Boneless duck legs with egg fried rice, spring onion, carrot and sesame.

Everything was absolutely delicious.

The bathrooms are spotless, with shared hand basins:

Here’s some more photos of the restaurant.

Sia is just a few steps away from the Marriott Hotel on V Celnici street in central Prague. I’m struggling to remember what was there before – the restaurant has been custom built from the ground up and must have cost a fortune.

I’d certainly recommend a visit – but you’ll need to make a reservation in advance.

Sia restaurant
V Celnici 1034/6
110 00 Praha 1

+420 220 199 380

Monday – Friday 11:30 – 23:00
Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 23:00