While attending a wedding at the Pension Smolotel, a former brewery within the grounds of the Zámek Smolotely, we were able to explore the abandoned Zámek.

This review is available on this page as text and pictures, or below as a video.

The village of Smolotely is about an hour’s drive from Prague.

In the first half of the eighteenth century, the Chanov family from Dlouhá Ves had the old fortress rebuilt into a Baroque Zámek.

During the 20th century, the zámek was seized by both the Nazis and the Communists – the last owner was Prague lawyer JUDr. Eduard Schwarz. It’s not clear whether the descendants of Schwarz now own the zámek as part of restitution, or if it now owned by the Czech state. Whoever owns this place still has a chance to restore it – currently it’s left it open to the elements and will quickly become a ruin.

The main door was open.

Inside there were some modern chairs that are perhaps stored by the Pension and used for weddings. There were some animal droppings on the floor – deer roam freely around the chateau and could be the source.

To the right was a room with some form of machine.

Beyond that a toilet and sink. Some impressive cobwebs, but I only saw one spider.

Almost every room was empty. Had I known I’d be exploring an abandoned building, I would have bought an old china doll from a bazaar and placed it in the photos like a professional Urbexer (Urban Explorer).

The main stairs felt pretty stable and we went up. The upper floor felt light and airy compared to the ground floor.

In one of the largest rooms, a Pentagram had been drawn on the floor.

There was a toilet. with a very small door.

An over-sized playing card on a window sill.

A hole in the ceiling, with daylight visible.

The place was wired for electricity at some point.

A once beautiful terrace looks out to the gardens.

More rooms.

Most windows were open and/or broken, so it was surprising not to find an infestation of pigeons.

Downstairs the rooms are darker, but make for some good photos.

There are steps down into a cellar.

Apparently, you can go down into the cellar and exit the house via another set of stairs.

I didn’t try as it looked dusty – I was wearing a suit for the wedding and so left via the main entrance.

It’s worth walking around the entire building.

This outbuilding looks like it is being used to house livestock.

I’d recommend a visit to the Zámek Smolotely. I think you need to call the Pension Smolotel and ask if there is a wedding scheduled. If there isn’t, I’d assume they’d be okay with you visiting the zámek.