There are now three Dim Sum Spot restaurants in Prague – the newest and largest is near Anděl. All have an amazing selection of delicious dim sum at reasonable prices.

The original Dim Sum Spot is hidden at the end of a nondescript passage in Holešovice.

The restaurant is small – extra tables up on a mezzanine floor and there’s also a garden.

The second Dim Sum Spot is again hidden at the end of a passage, this one on Palackého street not far from Wenceslas Square.

The restaurant is really small, maybe five tables inside and five outside.

The third location, not far from Anděl metro station, is neither hidden, nor small.

Photo was taken about six on a Wednesday evening – more than half the tables were occupied by seven.

The staff in all three locations are friendly and usually speak English.

A 0.15l glass of red wine (85 Kč), a small Bubeneč beer (45 Kč) and a carafe of tap water (50 Kč). The charge for tap water is dissapointing and Dim Sum Spot joins our list of Prague restaurants where tap water is 50 Kč or less, but not free.

Here are four delicious baskets of dim sum containing duck (160 Kč ), prawns (160 Kč ), goose (170 Kč ) and beef (120 Kč) and hoisin sauce (35 Kč).

You’ll be happy at any of the Dim Sum Spot locations – just choose the one that is closest.

Dim Sum Spot Letna
M. Horákové 806/29, Prague 170 00, Holešovice

+ 420 223 555 214

Dim Sum Spot Palackého
Palackého 717/11, Prague 110 00

+ 420 792 544 534

Dim Sum Spot Anděl
Lidická 25, Prague 150 00

+ 420 777 736 365