This was my first flight with Ryan Air and first time flying to Pescara, Italy (Boeing 737-800). I expected the worst – it turned out to be pretty good.

This flight was operated by Buzz, a Polish subsidiary of Ryan Air – almost everything was branded as Ryan Air.

These were my flights:

Prague to Pescara
Departure: 02 Aug 2021, 14:10
Arrive: 02 Aug 2021, 15:55

Pescara to Prague
Departure: 06 Aug 2021, 10:10
Arrive: 06 Aug 2021, 11:50

Flight cost was 2,889.49 CZK including 10kg cabin luggage and seat reservations. I used a UK credit card and was offered the chance to pay in Pound Sterling – don’t choose this as the exchange rate offered is terrible. I chose CZK and the charge appeared on my card as £96.67 – the exact market rate.

I choose seat 4D for a few reasons; I prefer aisle seats within four rows of the exit and I hoped that the cost of a seat without extra legroom would deter other passengers from choosing seats in my row – those who could afford it would choose row one.

The Ryan Air online check in was very efficient, requesting all the Covid forms required for the journey. It meant I could just print my boarding card and head straight to security. I took the opportunity to use the VIP security and lounge service at Prague Airport.

I joined the Priority Lane at the gate.

But that just meant I was one of the first on the bus – which soon filled up.

My seat 4D plan worked perfectly and the entire row was empty. Amazingly, row one was also empty. I guess for such a short flight, nobody wanted to pay for premium seats.

There are no seat-back pockets. I think that’s a good thing as passengers stuff all kinds of disgusting stuff in those pockets and they’re hard to clean. The safety instructions are printed on the headrest. There isn’t a dreary in-flight magazine containing articles from ‘seasoned travel writers’ about a camel trek in Nepal. But how about the food and drink menu? You need to browse the Ryan Air app on your mobile – so download it before you leave home.

Food and drink are expensive, but reasonable quality – the best reason to order is because facemasks can be removed while you eat and drink. On my next flight, I might order in advance as it’s cheaper.

The cabin crew were really friendly – so friendly that they didn’t send back a freeloading family, who moved into the seats behind me, with their child kicking the back of my seat. I moved to empty row one, so the family actually did me a favour and I had extra legroom.

The flight arrived to Pescara early and we were able to walk from the aircraft to the small terminal. I was outside within a few minutes. Michele, the owner of Idillio – Your Luxury Rooms was there to greet me and drive me to his excellent hotel.

For the flight back, there was a line for security and no fast track available to purchase.

The wait wasn’t too long and we were soon airside; one shop and one bar, but plenty of seats.

We were able to walk to the aircraft and board.

The return flight was a mirror of the outbound – well except for the freeloading family, but I moved to row one anyway!

I’d recommend Ryan Air on the route – they are good value and the cabin crew were excellent. Of course, I luckily have no idea how well passengers are treated should the flight be delayed or cancelled.