The Botič Restaurant delivers fantastic food at very reasonable prices. The staff are friendly. They have a nice garden and a large Gambrinus is only 39 Kč.

There are two parts to the garden; a covered area and then a completely open garden. The covered area was full last night (Sunday 14th June) as it looked like it would rain. There’s also plenty of room inside.

We ordered a glass of Malbec (50 Kč), large Gambrinus (39 Kč) and a 1l carafe of tap water (30 Kč).  All very reasonable prices.

Our main course dishes:

Steak with red pepper sauce, roast potatoes, bacon pieces and onion (299 Kč).
Hovězí steak s omáčkou z červeného pepře, grilované grenaille brambory se slaninou a cibulkou (299 Kč).

Confit Beef with brandy sauce and mashed potatoes (219 Kč)
Hovězí konfit s omáčkou z brandy a bramboro-smetanovým pureé (219 Kč)

Everything was delicious and great value. You should call and book if you want a table in the garden.

To get there, take a tram 11 or 14 out of town to Pod Jezerkou. When you get off, turn to your left and walk approx. 200 metres straight ahead out of town. The restaurant is next to a music shop.

Botič Restaurant
Nuselská 159/114
140 00 Praha 4 – Michle

Tel.: +420 602 121 199

To find the menu (in Czech) go to there is a link to a daily menu and two PDFs marked as February. The PDF menus are what you need and you really only need the first one 

Open daily from 11am to 11pm