Monday 31st May was the beginning of restaurant freedom. Sit inside or outside. Stay late. Only a few rules, such as a negative Covid test/proof of vaccination, wear masks when walking about and sit in groups of four. It was also lovely weather. So where did you go?

It’s tough isn’t it? Locked down for months and missing your favourite bars and restaurants. Which place to choose first?

Pre- and post-dinner Drinks – Bar & Books Mannesova

Bar & Books is the epitome of luxurious living and has maintained that spirit since my pre-lockdown review here. Their Týnská location opens today (Friday 4th June) – my pre-lockdown review here.

They also added a popcorn machine!

Mánesova Bar and Books
Mánesova 64,
120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady

Týnská Bar and Books
Týnská 1053/19
Prague 1

+420 224 815 122

Monday dinner choice – Sia

Sia was every bit as good as it was pre-lockdown, my review here.

Sia restaurant
V Celnici 1034/6
110 00 Praha 1

Tuesday dinner choice – Satsang

You don’t need to be a veggie to enjoy this cool restaurant. My pre-lockdown review here.

Krymska 24,
Prague 10100,
Czech Republic

+420 267 314 903 – Facebook page

Wednesday dinner choice – Sumi Garden

The Tako Yaki remain a great reminder of the street food stalls in Kyoto. If you only go for one thing, have the Tako Yaki. My pre-lockdown review here.

Sumi Garden
Slavíkova 18
Prague 3, Žižkov

Thursday dinner choice – Botič

So far every restaurant began with the letter S – today was worth breaking that pattern. The Botič Restaurant continues to deliver fantastic food at very reasonable prices. My pre-lockdown review here.

Botič Restaurant
Nuselská 159/114
140 00 Praha 4 – Michle

My next dinner choices

Black Bettie’s Bar and Grill

Národní kavárna Restaurant

Na Kopci

Hong Kong Restaurant

So where did you go? And where to next?