The Karlín area of Prague has moved upscale over the last decade with new offices and apartments. There are plenty of interesting bars and restaurants and the streets have a cool local feel. We tried the Hong Kong Restaurant and ate way too much.

It was a warm summer evening and we sat outside – the Žižkov Tunnel not far away. Some guy from a nearby restaurant took a mobile call by a waste bin, not realising that his shirt matched the bin.

A 0.75l bottle of water 45 Kč. A 0.15l glass of Prosecco 118 Kč. A 0.15. A 0.15l glass of rosé 115 Kč.

The waiter was friendly and we just ordered dishes as we went along – the first dim sum (steamed dumplings, shrimp, pork, lemon grass, garlic, eggs, black vinegar ) 165 Kč.

These were good har gow but I think Sia does the best dim sum in Prague.

Tempura prawns 218 Kč. Just excellent – every dish we ordered was delicious and led to us eating more than we planned.

Cantonese duck spring rolls 168 Kč.

Cantonese duck breast, grilled bok choy, cucumber, scallion, Hoisin 338 Kč and fried rice 85 Kč.


I took a look inside the restaurant. It has an industrial feel and has an open kitchen. The outside was better.

If you find yourself in Karlín area of Prague, or even the Žižkov (as the tunnel walk to Karlín is downhill), then I’d recommend a visit to Hong Kong. But be prepared to eat and spend more than you planned. With a few glasses of Primitivo at 115 Kč added, our bill without tip was 1833 Kč.

Hong Kong
Thamova 221/7, Praha 8

Opening hours
Mon – Fri 11:00 – 11:00pm
Saturday 12:00 – 11:00pm
Sunday 12:00 – 09:30pm

+420 727 941 025