Hergetova Cihelna restaurant never re-opened after the last lockdown. Recently, while crossing Charles Bridge, I could see some activity. The Cihelna website shows literally nothing. I decided to walk and investigate and found a new restaurant called ‘Bricks’.

The name Hergetova Cihelna comes from around 1780 when František Antonín Linhart Herget started his brick factory there – ‘cihla’ means one brick, ‘cihly’ means lots of bricks and ‘cihelna’ is a factory that makes bricks. So, it isn’t such a surprise that the new restaurant is called ‘Bricks’.

I wondered if this was just a re-branding and the restaurant is still owned by Nils Jebens, who also owns Kampa Park (the more famous restaurant next door). Looking at justice.cz, the managing director of Brickworks, sro is shown as Ivan Propper, a Swiss national – so, it looks like Nils sold to focus on his flagship restaurant and catering business.

The fantastic riverside location, with views over the Vltava to Charles Bridge, remains – picture taken from when it was Hergetova Cihelna, but I’m pretty sure the view is very similar.

Hergetova Cihelna was reasonably priced for the location. I checked the Bricks menu and found these main course prices:

  • Filet Mignon with butter peas, demi-glaze sauce – 990 Kč
  • USDA Rib Eye Steak – 990 Kč
  • Veal Schnitzel on a ghee butter, springs potatoes salad – 445 Kč
  • Grilled Corn Chicken with glazed vegetables – 479 Kč
  • USDA Monterey Jack Burger with julienne french fries – 429 Kč
  • Norwegian salmon with green asparágus, Moet-Holland sauce – 499 Kč
  • Grilled Tuna – 699 Kč
  • Grilled Octopus – 699 Kč
  • Tiger prawns – 585 Kč
  • A peppercorn sauce for your steak is 95 Kč

At these prices I think the restaurant should have been renamed ‘U zlatých cihel’!

I couldn’t find a drinks menu. A glass of Primitivo at Hergetova Cihelna was 125 Kč.

Please let me know if you’ve visited Bricks – how was the food, service and drinks prices?

Cihelná 2b
Prague 1

(+420) 720-995-104



11:00 – 23:00