RegioJet offer a wide range of coach destinations. I remember when they were called Student Agency and how impressed I was with the quality of the service. However, my last few trips were a disappointment.

Back in the Student Agency days, many of the coaches were on two levels, with a decent-size toilet downstairs, an attendant who brought drinks (including beer that was chargeable), snacks and headphones to your seat, good wi-fi and the latest movies shown on seat-back TVs – a better service than many short-haul airlines.

RegioJet now offer three classes of coach; Fun & Relax, Relax and Eko Standard. Fun & Relax is the highest, although it’s not like you have much choice, as everything seems to be destination dependant. All appear to be single-decker.

As well as taking you from A to B, Fun & Relax advertises the following:

  • Air-conditioned coach.
  • Fast Wi-Fi connection to the most modern 4G LTE network.
  • USB connector in some coaches.
  • Toilet.
  • Free hot drinks (coffee, cappuccino, tea and hot chocolate – self service).
  • Headphones to borrow.
  • Entertainment system – watch films and series, listen to music or play games on the built-in LCD display.
  • Seat reservation included in price of the fare.
  • Possibility to change or cancel the ticket 15 minutes before the departure for free.

I booked a Prague (Na Knížecí near Anděl metro) to Písek coach for Tuesday 31st May 2022 12 noon. 6.20 Euros for a 1.5-hour journey on a Fun & Relax coach.

Entry to the coach is via a steep set of stairs. To the right of the stairs is the toilet, to the left is a hot drinks station. The toilet door is really small and I can’t imagine trying to use the stairs while the coach is moving and contort myself inside. Similarly, I wouldn’t want to try and make a hot drink while the coach is in motion. On all my trips, I’ve never seen anyone try and make a hot drink.

The seat was comfortable and the air-conditioning seemed to be working. The wi-fi so slow it was unusable. The entertainment system was dead and that also meant that the USB port was dead – so I couldn’t charge my phone.

I booked a return for the same day at 18:30 (6.20 Euros). I arrived at 18:33 expecting the coach to have departed, but it was still there. The driver informed me that tickets are automatically cancelled after the departure time. I asked if I could purchase another ticket, but he said the bus was full – he sold my seat to someone else. Fair enough, I was late – but be aware that if you are late and the bus is still there, you will need to purchase another ticket (if you can get on).

I booked the next bus (19:30 for 6.60 Euros). Again, the wi-fi was unusable, the entertainment system and USB port were dead.

I contacted RegioJet to complain about the lack of advertised services. They were quick to point me to the terms at the bottom of this page

Passenger acknowledges that providing extra benefits like free hot’n’cold drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi connection, entertainment system, newspapers, steward/ess on board and more advertised services are in the competence of the carrier. The passengers are by the conclusion of the transport contract not entitled to have them provided. In case of unexpected or adverse impact are those services not provided.

Basically, your ticket only guarantees that you will arrive at your destination.

The RegioJet prices aren’t bad. The coaches get you from A to B. The ability to cancel until 15 minutes prior to departure is an amazing option. Just don’t get too happy & relaxed when you find the additional services aren’t provided.