In January 2015, a special tram was launched in Prague. Red in colour with an ‘M’ on the front and the rear of the tram cut off – like a pick up truck.

The tram would appear at different times and on different lines. I started to wonder if there was more than one. I also wondered if the rear of the tram was supposed to carry goods or spare parts. Later I discovered that the tram’s purpose was to grease the tram lines and it was called Mazací tramvaj – there is only one.

I previously wrote about the Grease Tram here. Last Christmas the tram carried a Christmas Tree, with lights that you could control remotely and I wrote about that here.

The tram has been in the depot for months but has just emerged, with a large new canister fitted to the rear, plus Christmas Lights and an Angel.

A webcam has been added to the rear of the tram. You can see the lights and watch the tram’s progress via this site. If you can’t see the video it means the tram is in the depot.


So thanks DPP for Christmas Mazací tramvaj!