A Marty McFly figure and an Apple AirTag were stored inside a cannister and dropped into the Vltava river. Marty was then trapped upriver in Troja and re-floated. Now after a month, he was pinged 10km inland – someone has Marty!

16th January 2022: Marty was found in an area of the river that is normally used for canoeing slalom competitions – currently closed for re-construction.

Our reporter bravely climbed down to the river bed and retrieved Marty’s cannister.

The cannister was dropped from the Trojská lávka footbridge.

19th February 2022: Marty was pinged further down river near Husinecká street.

Marty was pinged in the same area for several days – it looked like he was stuck again.

Sunday 27th February 2022: We went on a rescue mission to the last-known location. It’s a lovely area of the river.

Sadly, our phones couldn’t ping the Apple AirTag and the cannister was nowhere to be seen.

Monday 28th February 2022: Marty was pinged almost 10km from his last river location.

It looks like someone took Marty from the river.

What is strange is that there hasn’t been a ping since Monday – is Marty locked in a cellar or has the battery been removed from the AirTag?

Hopefully, the finder will contact us and return Marty and his AirTag.

The story in video.