The interior of La Casa Trattoria is cozy and beautifully themed. There are several outside tables. Across the street is a park where locals play petanque. You almost wouldn’t know you were in the Žižkov.

Our reserved outside table was waiting for us. And our waiter was realy friendly – that wasn’t surprising as we know him from a pub where he used to work, but I’m sure he’s friendly to everyone!

We ordered a jug of tap water and a glass of Merlot (38 Kč 1 dcl).

Tagliatelle with seafood (shrimp, squid, calamari, mussels) and tomatoes (225 Kč for one, or 419 Kč for two).

Sea bass on the grill, grilled vegetables (315 Kč).

Both meals were delicious. There was a generous portion of seafood with the tagliatelle.

The interior is beautifully themed as a classic Italian Trattoria.

I don’t want to be snobby about this part of the Žižkov, especially as the reason for our visit was that our friends live just around the corner. But, during our time sitting outside, several completely drunk derelicts stumbled past us. There were also some other shady characters around. Nobody hassled us and it’s still Prague so safe. Nonetheless, I put my mobile in my pocket.

On our walk from leafy Vinohrady, we passed this van covered in grafitti. The main reason I took this picture was because, one budding Wanksy, sorry Banksy, had grafitti’d NOKIA above the door – perhaps he’s being sponsored!

We’ll certainly return to La Casa Trattoria – there’s also a sister restaurant on V Jámě in Prague 1.

La Casa Trattoria
Kostnické nám. 635/3, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov

+420 602 123 375

The website has an annoying food delivery pop-up that appears on every page – hopefully that will be removed soon.