We took a ferry ride from Výtoň to Císařská louka, walked a few kilometres to Lihovar, took another ferry to Veslařský ostrov and walked back to Výtoň. There are six ferry lines https://pid.cz/en/ferries/ and the cost of the ferry is included in your tram pass https://pid.cz/en/travelling-around-prague/

The ferry stops look much like tram stops – except that there is a picture of a boat instead of a tram. This the Line P5 stop, Výtoň.

The ferry arrived and the journey to Císařská louka took just a few minutes. Videos by our sister site https://bugadvisor.com/

We turned left and enjoyed a a lovely walk to Lihovar. It’s amazing what you can find along this path. A large Gambrinus beer, at a bar/restaurant (part of a Golf driving range, putting green and sports ground https://cisarska-louka.cz/ ) was 39 Kč. The food looked okay and the place had clean, modern toilet facilities.

There are plenty of abandoned buildings. There must be some prime real estate just sitting here.

A spectator stand for watching river races.

A small road bridge connects to the mainland.

Look down to the right of the bridge and there is a picturesque view of boathouses.

We continued further along the river until the Line P3 stop, Lihovar.

Another short ferry ride to Veslařský ostrov. The ferry narrowly missing some paddleboarders.

On this side of river it’s easy to spot Coypu swimming or lazing on the river banks. A Coypu is a large semi-aquatic rodent – considered as an invasive species as it is originally from South America and responsible for the destruction of river banks. Still they look cute, don’t seem aggressive and people feed them.

Next sunny day, take a ride on one of the ferries and a stroll along the riverbank.


PS I heard that the ferry Captains disapprove of passengers who just take the ferry to a destination and return on the same ferry. Their view that the ferries are part of the transportation network and not just fun sightseeing boats. But if you have a valid ticket, there’s nothing they can do if you do decide to just stay aboard – well they might make to alight and re-board, but that’s all.