Restaurace a kavárna Sovovy mlýny, Prague, Czech Republic

We found a special offer on the Czech site – only 999Kc for a four course menu plus a bottle of wine. The restaurant is in Kampa Park (the park not the fine-dining restaurant that takes it name) and you have to walk through the park to get there. We booked in advance – for the 17th March 2018. It snowed most of the day and evening – the park was deserted.

We arrived at the entrance:

Inside we were shown to our table and given the slevomat menu (only in Czech).

The wine was a Czech Rosé – we asked if we could pay extra for something from their wine list, but they weren’t able to do that. As it was the wine wasn’t bad. We also asked for a carafe of tap water. Regular readers of this blog will know how much I hate it when restaurants over charge for tap water – here they charged a ridiculous 70Kc.

For our starters we chose, one of each of a duck terrine with salad and a goat’s cheese salad. There was no amuse bouche, nor bread – but then I suppose we were only paying 999Kc.

The interior was quite cosy and I imagine the terrace would be nice in the summer.

Other diners arrived and were served burgers. It was 45 minutes before our starters arrived – we initially couldn’t work out why these took so long. Then we realised that another couple, who arrived 30 minutes after us, were having the slevomat menu – the chef had obviously decided it would be easier to serve us all at the same time.

The salads were nicely presented and pretty good.

Now that we were in synch with the other slevomats, our plates arrived on time. The next course, a really delicious artichoke soup with rose foam.

For our next course we’d chosen one sea bass fillet with pak choi and one beef striploin with cauliflower puree. Both dishes were pretty good.

Pudding was a mandarin semifredo, which was okay. I would have preferred some warm chocolate cake – but having already been unable to change the wine, I didn’t even ask.

The bathrooms are downstairs; the basement area was a bit run down and messy – but the bathrooms were clean.

Overall, this was a good meal for a good price. I’d be tempted to return in the summer and order a la carte from their terrace. I see that a 0.5l Czech beer is 59Kc which isn’t a bad price for such a central location with view across the river – it’s true what they say about the Czech Republic ‘beer is cheaper than water’!

We booked a taxi from the nearest driveable location – Říční 563/1 about 5 minutes walk away.

Restaurace a kavárna Sovovy mlýny
U Sovových Mlýnu 2
Praha – Malá Strana
Zobrazit na mapě
+420 724 036 036

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