The rules are written on the cards in both Czech and English. It’s easy to start playing, but takes years to become a Level Seven Master. The game is called ‘Flaps’. Is it genius or madness?

The box contains a rule book in Czech and English, plus three card packs; two called ‘Level 1’ and one called ‘Levels 2 – 7’.

It’s a card shedding game like ‘crazy eights’ or Uno – players try and get rid of their cards.

If you manage to learn Level 1, you get to open the ‘Levels 2 – 7’ box and shuffle in eight new Level 2 cards. Don’t go crazy and try and jump more than one level!

The inventor writes:

Back in the 1980s, I worked in an electronics factory and we used to play a card-shedding game at lunchtime; follow suit and number, Jacks reverse direction, 8s miss a go. I became bored of that and started Tippexing some of the cards and adding my own rules. I gave the cards unusual names, just to keep the lads at the factory interested.

Fast forward to several years ago and I decided to design the cards, box and rules on my computer, make everything in Czech and English and have 1000 copies made. No market research, no focus group – just a game that I though would be fun for everyone. Now it’s your turn to play – are you ready?

It’s either genius or madness – history will decide.

A perfect Christmas stocking filler for someone you love (or hate!), Flaps is available for 210.00 Kč plus 130 Kč postage, using the using the pay-on-delivery system (na dobírku) from You can even arrange to meet the inventor at Napa bar in Malá Strana and save on postage.