Dim Sum Spot is hidden at the end of a nondescript passage on Palackého street not far from Wenceslas Square. They have an amazing selection of delicious dim sum at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is small, maybe five tables inside and five outside.

The waitress was really friendly and switched to English once she heard my accent. Sadly, they’d run out of red wine, so we had a 0.1l Prosecco (60 Kč), a small Bubeneč (40 Kč) and a carafe of tap water (50 Kč). I’m disappointed about the charge for tap water, especially as the original Dim Sum Spot location in Holešovice  didn’t charge us for tap water.

I wouldn’t normally include the menu, but Dim Sum Spot only has a basic Facebook page with hardly any detail. As you can see, it’s all about dim sum!

We then had four delicious baskets of dim sum containing duck (150 Kč ), prawns (160 Kč ), goose (160 Kč ) and beef (120 Kč) and hoisin sauce (40 Kč).

Despite the charge for tap water and the over-priced sauce, I’d still recommend Dim Sum Spot and will be back.

Dim Sum Spot
Palackého 717/11,
Prague 110 00

+ 420 792 544 534