Dim Sum Spot is hidden at the end of a nondescript passage in Holešovice. Nearest tram stop is Kamenická. They have an amazing selection of delicious dim sum at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is small – extra tables up on a mezzanine floor and there’s also a garden.

The waitress was really friendly and switched to English once she heard my accent. We asked for 0.15l glass of red wine (75 Kč), a green tea (65 Kč) and a carafe of water (free!).

We then had a few courses of dim sum containing duck, prawns, goose and lamb with feta (150/160 Kč for four pieces), hoisin sauce (30 Kč), plum sauce (30 Kč) and kimchi (75 Kč).

I was happy to see that we weren’t charged for water. My only disappointment was that we were charged 30 Kč for each sauce – something that is usually included in the price. I’d still recommend this restaurant.

If Holešovice is a bit too far for you, Dim Sum Spot have also opened a second location on Palackého near Vodičkova.

Dim Sum Spot
M. Horákové 806/29, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

+ 420 223 555 214