We found Avocado Bistro on a quiet street, not far from Folimanka Park in Prague 2. At first I thought it was a vegetarian place, but then saw a beef burrito for 180 Kč and had to try it. It was amazing.

The menu:

I’ve seen Avocado Bistro on Wolt – the prices are understandably higher to cover the 30% Wolt fee. The same burrito is 249 Kč. The good news is that I can see from their website, that they’ll deliver for 79 Kč.

The staff were friendly and two burritos took about ten minutes. They added 10 Kč for the bag. The burritos were huge – one would just fit into a 0.5l beer glass.

Once home, I cut one in half.

And it was as delicious as it looks – fresh and surprisingly light.

Avocado Bistro
Spytihněvova 168/5
Praha 2

+420 792 453 738

Open daily: 10:00-20:00