The European Union has produced an interactive, web-based, tool, that provides information to those intending to travel to an EU country. There is plenty of information and the site is available in 24 languages.

The EU have actually done a pretty good job of this – you can choose a country that you want to visit and then click various icons to find out what Coronavirus restrictions are in place. It’s not perfect, but then it’s only a few days old.

I looked at the information for the Czech Republic (EU call it Czechia because some idiot Czech politician managed to sneak a name change through). I clicked the ‘medical certificate’ icon and was shown this advice:

And I don’t think that is 100% correct. I think that you can enter the Czech Republic without a negative Covid-19 certificate, but then must either take a test, or, self-quarantine for 14 days. The situation changes daily. Please don’t go crazy if I got this wrong. I’m not a pandemic specialist – unlike most people on Facebook who all seem to have advanced degrees in this subject.

At first glance, it also looks like the EU forgot about arrivals into the Czech Republic, from countries where you don’t require a certificate, nor a test, for example, Slovakia or Austria. But then I realised that the map changes colour to show those countries in yellow.

And that information seems to match what I’ve read.

My advice is to choose your own country first, click the buttons, read the rules and watch the map change colour. Then, when you both trust the site and know how it works, choose the country that you want to visit.

Someone must have spent a lot of time designing the icons – they are mostly easy to guess, although a tip appears as you cursor over them in case you don’t. See if you can guess the following:

Let’s start with an easy one


A vodka martini, shaken not stirred?
Coronavirus zombies will be shot?
Applause not allowed?
Where’s Wally events daily?
Art of Bonsai courses available?

For the answers scroll down.





Is a negative Covid-19 Medical Certificate required to enter?
Are bars and cafes open?
What safety measures are in place on public transportation?
Are places of worship accessible?
Is a mask required in public?
Are personal care services available?

I would have gone with a picture of hairdressing scissors, but then that may have been misconstrued as ‘Is running with scissors allowed?’