I previously wrote about ready meals from Zátiší group and how the expiration dates were too short. Zátiší offered a 50% discount off my next order, so I had another chance to review them – I won’t be ordering again.

Zátiší Group comprises fine-dining restaurants Bellevue, V Zátiší (both Michelin Plate) and Mlýnec. I was a regular visitor many years ago, but the restaurants became too expensive for what was offered and more affordable options had appeared in Prague.

The ready meals come from the Zátiší ‘Fresh & Tasty’ menu or from one of the fine-dining restaurant chefs.

I sent this order for delivery Wednesday 6th May:

  • Fresh & Tasty menu: 1 x Caesar salad with eggs, bacon, Parmesan 89 Kč – this was to replace the salad that they forgot to deliver last time.
  • Bellevue: 2 x Lamb with polenta and ratatouille puree 250 Kč per meal
  • Bellevue: 1 x Slow-roasted rabbit leg, semolina, tarragon sauce, asparagus 220 Kč per meal
  • Bellevue: 3 x Ravioli with shrimp, wasabi sauce and mango 230 Kč per meal
  • V Zátiší: 2 x Pork Rogan josh with basmati rice 190 Kč per meal

Total was 1 879 Kč and so I paid half that – the replacement salad was sent in addition to the one in my order, so I had two.

I would have ordered several of  the Fresh & Tasty Lasagne Bolognese (114 Kč) if I could as that was delicious – sadly it had disappeared from the menu.

The food arrived by taxi at the scheduled time 1.30 pm.

I unpacked the ready meals. I almost couldn’t believe it when I found one of them (the rabbit leg) expired that day – this after I’d complained about this issue and received a 50% discount. None of the meals had a date later than the 9th.

The meal was actually pretty good, despite being forced to eat it that same day – I didn’t bother to complain.

The Caesar Salad was nicely packed and was fresh and tasty!

We then tried the Lamb with polenta and ratatouille puree.

The gravy was so salty, we had to transfer everything onto another plate before we could continue eating. It’s really inexcusable to produce something like this for 220 Kč without the chef following the mantra; taste, taste and taste again.

Ravioli with shrimp, wasabi sauce and mango.

This was as weird and unappealing as it looks. The Bellevue chefs attempt at some Asian Fusion dish completely failed – a coconut wasabi sauce doesn’t go with prawn ravioli. Again, we transferred to another plate and then found that the ravioli and prawns were pretty good.

Pork Rogan josh with basmati.

This was a decent curry, although I’ve no idea why they used pork and not lamb – but then I knew that when ordering.

The Zátiší ready meals aren’t cheap. The ‘best before’ date should be at least four days later than the purchase date – none were. The meals are advertised as prepared by the chefs of one of the three Zátiší fine-dining restaurants – if I was served the ravioli or the lamb, I’d send it back.

So that’s a disappointing end to my experiment with Zátiší ready meals. If you want to try: https://rozvoz.zatisigroup.cz/