Kampa Park and Hergetova Cihelna sit side-by-side on the Vltava, both with a great view of Charles Bridge. Both restaurants produce good food, both are pretty expensive. Now you can try their food at home.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis has resulted in an explosion of delivery food. However, it’s difficult to maintain the quality of fine dining dishes within the delivery process. I previously wrote about how Zátiší and Sansho were offering ready meals, but completely forgot about Kampa Group.

Here is the Kampa offering:

Delivery is free if you spend over 2000 Kč. Meals last a week. More details below.

I’m hoping to give them a try, although I still need to order again from Zátiší so I can claim the 50% discount they offered as a result of my last experience.



I also see that Kampa are offering a generous 30% off voucher scheme. You may need to join their ‘More than Dining‘ program before you can participate or just call the number shown below.