I was really impressed with the Botič Restaurant when I ate there a few months ago. I just discovered that they are offering their menu from a takeaway window, or they’ll deliver within 5km of their location. I’ll be ordering pretty soon – a friend of mine beat me to it and wrote the following guest review.

We live in Prague 4, near Jezerka Park and, close to us, on the main road, is the comparatively new restaurant, U Botiče.
We have eaten there a few times already and were impressed by both the quality of the food and the standard of the service.
It has a beautiful garden at the back and, in a “normal” Summer is a lovely place to dine.
Like everywhere at the moment, the restaurant is closed, but when I drove past this week I noticed they were doing a takeaway/delivery service.
So, last night, we decided to take the plunge.

There are two menus:
One is for quick, lunch-time food
The other is for more standard “restaurant style” fare.
On the rather simple website, the “restaurant style” menu is on two separate pages.
It says on the web page that delivery, within a 5km radius, is free – but we did not test that !

At Easter, I missed out on having lamb and I was quite keen to rectify that.
So, I chose Roast lamb knuckle with rosemary sauce and potato-cream puree (Pečené jehněčí kolínko s rozmarýnovou omáčkou a bramboro-smetanovým pureé ) (369 Kč + 8 Kč for the box).

My wife chose Duck breast with wild cherry sauce and mashed potatoes with onion (Kachní prso s višňovou omáčkou, šťouchaný brambor s cibulkou ) (219 Kč + 8 Kč for the box).

Because the restaurant is only about 400 metres from our house, I chose to walk around and pick it up myself, so no delivery service was involved.
When we called and ordered, we were told it would take 20 minutes to prepare and, when I arrived there (19 minutes later), it was just coming out of the kitchen and was brought to me immediately.
To pay with my card and to walk home took only seven minutes and it was still piping hot when I got there. No reheating was required.

I know the food there is good and I was not disappointed.
The lamb was cooked to perfection, the skin just pleasantly crisp, the meat moist and tender. It literally fell off of the bone. The sauce was tasty and quite delicious and the potatoes were creamy and light.
It is all to easy for duck breast to be a little dry, but this was not. It was soft and tasty. My wife at first thought the cherry sauce, which she dipped her finger in (!) was a little on the sharp side, but found that, when combined with the meat it complemented it perfectly. The side dish, mashed potatoes with a little chopped onion, whilst nothing special in its own right, provided a perfect accompaniment.

We expected good food and we got it.  The proximity of the restaurant to our house did make it easy – but everything was smooth and efficient. Within an hour of even thinking about it, we had enjoyed a very good meal indeed.

We consider it 604 well spent.

Botič Restaurant
Nuselská 159/114
140 00 Praha 4 – Michle


Tel.: +420 602 121 199


Editor’s Notes

I visited the Botič Restaurant website and struggled to find which menu I should choose from. Under http://www.boticrestaurant.cz/jidelni-listek/ there is a link to a daily menu and two PDFs marked as February. If you choose the daily menu, you get to another page and that has a link to Restu.cz – where there is a daily menu. That menu is only available 11.00 to 15.00 Monday to Friday. For evenings and weekends, the PDF menus are what you need and you really only need the first one http://www.boticrestaurant.cz/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/J%C3%ADdeln%C3%AD-l%C3%ADstek-1%C4%8D%C3%A1st-%C3%9Anor.pdf 

I emailed the restaurant (in English) to find out if I could order in advance using their email address – and also asked how I could pay. They replied that I need to call them and payment is cash on delivery.

We just had two delicious meals delivered. The restaurant called to say they were on their way. It’s great that they are offering their own delivery service, as although convenient, the delivery apps take a hefty percentage from restaurants.

For those interested to discover if they are within 5km of the Botič Restaurant, here’s a map.