I’ve previously written about food delivery services and which restaurant delivered the best food. Today I thought I’d write about restaurants who are providing their food as a ready meal – a real chance to enjoy restaurant quality food at home.

I’ve only found two places:

  • Zátiší Group – comprising fine-dining restaurants Bellevue, V Zátiší (both Michelin Plate) and Mlýnec. I was a regular visitor many years ago, but the restaurants became too expensive for what was offered and more affordable options had appeared in Prague.
  • Sansho – a Michelin Bib Gourmand Asian Restaurant on Petrská 25 in the centre of Prague. I really enjoyed dinner at Sansho, but the tasting menu is just too much food for me and without the option to just have a couple of dishes, I stopped visiting.

Zátiší Group

Zátiší Group have a catering firm called ‘Fresh and Tasty’ that delivers to numerous schools and offices in Prague. The temporary loss of those customers resulted in their decision to offer ready meals to the public. The meal selection looks good and changes slightly each week. They also have a nice offer where you can buy a meal for a medic at Motol and FNKV Hospitals for 120 Kč and they match this by delivering two meals. Last week the chef from V Zátiší started adding ‘fine-dining’ options to the ‘Fresh and Tasty’  order form.

I sent this order at 10.10 am Tuesday 14th March for delivery later that afternoon:

  • Two meals for medics 2 x 120 Kč
  • V Zátiší Chef: 4 x Farmer’s chicken Tikka Masala, Basmati rice, 190 Kč
  • V Zátiší Chef: 1 x 12-hour roast beef rib from Klouda, potato purée, 190 Kč
  • Fresh & Tasty menu: Caesar salad with eggs, bacon, parmesan, 89 Kč
  • Fresh & Tasty menu: Lasagne Bolognese 114 Kč
  • Fresh & Tasty menu: Beef stew, Czech traditional „svíčková“ creamy sauce, dumplings 129 Kč

Total 1522 Kč – delivery was free as order was over 1000 Kč. I received an email to confirm my order and it said a payment link would follow. At 12.29 pm I received an email with a payment link. So don’t try an order at 10 am for noon as chances are you won’t have been able to pay by then. And that’s fine as long as you know.

The food arrived by taxi – the driver called to say he was ten minutes away so I was able to meet him in the street. The food looked good, although the Caesar Salad was missing – the receipt showed that it wasn’t charged for but I’ve since seen my card statement and it was, so I’ll need to talk to them.

But then I looked at the expiry dates:

  • V Zátiší Chef: Farmer’s chicken Tikka Masala, Basmati rice, – one of these was marked as 15/4 the other three 17/4
  • V Zátiší Chef: 1 x 12-hour roast beef rib from Klouda, potato purée, 17/4
  • Fresh & Tasty menu: Lasagne Bolognese 14/4 – so the same day!
  • Fresh & Tasty menu: Beef stew, Czech traditional „svíčková“ creamy sauce, dumplings 15/4

I was pretty upset about these dates. The Fresh and Tasty website says:
Meals can also be stored for several days unopened in the fridge (4°C)

And I would have been fine had the expiry dates been at least the 17th April, but three of the meals were the equivalent of a supermarket yellow sticker. I called to complain and spoke to a really friendly girl, she promised to discuss with her manager and call me back the next day.

We shared the expiring-that-day lasagne for dinner as we already had some fish that we planned to eat. The lasagne was a good-sized portion and very good.

My Czech partner had the expiring svíčková for lunch today. The meat was good, needed more sauce – the dumplings hard and inedible.

The nice girl from Fresh and Tasty called and said they could offer me 50% off my next order. I said that I’d be okay with that as long as I actually planned to make another order. So we’ll try the expiring Farmer’s chicken Tikka Masala and one of the 17/4 packets tonight and see how we feel. It’s such a shame as I was excited to find a potentially good quality source of food.

15/4/20 8.10pm update – so both the 15/4 and 17/4 chicken tikka masala were really good – generous portions, fluffy rice, tender chicken. I’d order that again.

16/4/20 update – the ’12-hour roast beef rib from Klouda, potato purée’ was very good.

If you want to try, visit: https://www.freshandtasty.cz/en


Sansho offer a box for two people for 1650 Kč:

They also do a large family box for 2990 Kč.

If you want to try, visit: https://sansho.cz/#foodboxes

If the boxes are too much, you can also order some ready meals using the Wolt app. They appear under the heading ‘Meat and Cook is Back!’ – that heading and these screenshots were machine translated by the Wolt app.

The Venison Pie, Mousakka and Scotch Egg all look excellent and I look forward to trying these. I’ll update this page when I do.

If you know of any other Prague restaurants offering ready meals, please let me know.