There is so much information related to Coronavirus Covid-19. I didn’t want to add to the confusion by writing about it – equally I didn’t want to ignore it. I found that has been the best source for information in English.

Rather than try and post the latest updates, here are some thoughts…

Someone has to take charge

In times like this you can’t govern by consensus. If every person with an opinion was allowed to shape policy, then nothing would ever happen. So even if you don’t agree with everything that the government does, just try to respect that rather than spend all day on Facebook complaining, or worse still, ignore the advice.

You, your friends and especially those posting on Facebook are most likely not experts

Mike on Facebook turns out to be microbiologist, national economics expert, housing adviser, mortgage guru, GP and national pandemic specialist – who’d have thought it? Only last week he was teaching English as a foreign language – goes to show, never judge a book by its cover!

Don’t preach or gloat if you are vegetarian or vegan

Of course we’ve all heard that the Coronovirus  evolved from the cruel and unsanitary wet markets in Wuhan, China. But this isn’t a time to preach or gloat if you are a vegetarian or a vegan – people won’t thank you for telling them that if everyone was like you then this wouldn’t happen, or that this is ‘nature’s revenge’.

Help others

There are plenty of ways to help others.

Make face masks. You could make face masks from old shirts and distribute them within your building. If you make too many, there is a collection point open Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 at the Town Hall located at Vodickova 18. And yes, I’m pretty sure that many home-made masks don’t meet World Health Org standards, but these will have to do until we all have proper masks. Here’s a video about face masks, made here in Prague:

Support your local restaurants. I’ve been using UberEats and Wolt to order food and both their systems work really well. I was able to follow the progress of the delivery guy as he visited the restaurant, collected the order and came to my address. They both have a ‘no contact’ delivery option, should you be self-isolating and as you pay in advance there’s no cash involved. Wolt lets you add a tip when making the order, Uber you tip after delivery.

Ask your elderly neighbours if they need any shopping. Not only is this a nice thing to do, it also gives you an excuse to go outside for a while.

And last but not least – don’t panic buy!

Keep your sense of humour

Yes of course we all know Coronavirus Covid-19 is as serious virus and people are suffering directly or indirectly. But that’s no reason to get huffy is someone posts a reasonably inoffensive joke or meme. This especially if those posting are the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, who recently drove a bus on repatriation trips to Vienna, Munich, and Frankfurt bringing Czechs home.

Don’t blame Boris!

If you are a Labour Party voter, a remainer still smarting over Brexit, or just someone who hates Boris Johnson, that’s no reason to spend your time blaming Boris for the UK corona virus strategy. As mentioned before, you are most likely not an pandemic expert – well neither is Boris. He relies on Sir Patrick Vallance FRS FMedSci FRCP the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser. And I’m pretty sure he has a specialist team around him. I have no idea who has the best strategy, just like you I’m not an expert.

Take Pictures but remember that you’re supposed to stay indoors!

Everyone is amazed by the empty streets, but remember that you’re supposed to stay indoors. So don’t go travelling into the centre just to catch a shot of a deserted Charles Bridge.

The following pictures were taken by people on the way to work, the dentist, the shops etc.

Empty Street © Lala L
Empty Street © Lala L
Empty Tram © Zuzana G
Wenceslas Square © Zuzana G
Wenceslas Square © Zuzana G
Deserted Street © Zuzana G
Deserted Street © Zuzana G