Obviously this whole thing was cancelled due to the Coronavirus precautions.

Looking for an alternative to the crowded Irish pub experience for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations? Levain restaurant has Irish music, food, pies and Guinness for 95Kč a half litre.

This Friday and Saturday March 13th and 14th, there will be additional items on the menu.

Seafood chowder 160/310,-
Chicken and Mushroom Pie, colcannon mash and gravy 275,-
Steak and Ale Pie, colcannon mash and gravy 275,-
Beef Madras Pie, colcannon mash and gravy 275,-
Gammon steak with colcannon 285,-
Beef, oyster and Guinness stew 285,-
Irish coffee 120

The most important menu addition for me are the pies – I’ve checked and these are large pies with a full pastry base, sides and top. It’s really difficult to find a good pie in Prague. Sometimes you think you’ve finally found somewhere, only to discover the ‘pie’ is a ceramic pot with a pastry top – that’s not a pie! Then I find somewhere that offers a pie, only to find that it’s a drier Southern Hemisphere version, designed to be held by hand, so no gravy to pour over it – that’s not right either, unless maybe if it’s a Cornish Pasty!

Tuesday March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish menu continues, but there will also be draft Guinness available for 95Kč a half litre. They also have live music from George Pacular. I’ve actually never heard of him, but apparently he sings Irish ballads and that suits me – just give me a pie and a Guinness!

Levain Bistro
Kozacka 6, 10100 Prague, Czech Republic

601 549 599