The rules are written on the cards in both Czech and English. It’s easy to start playing, but takes years to become a Level Seven Master. The game is called ‘Flaps’. Is it genius or madness?

The shrink-wrapped box contains a rule book in Czech and English, plus three shrink-wrapped card packs; two called ‘Level 1’ and one called ‘Levels 2 – 7’.
Leave the shrink wrap on the ‘Levels 2 – 7’ box – you won’t be needing that for a while.

It’s a card shedding game like ‘crazy eights’ or Uno – players try and get rid of their cards.

Flaps isn’t going for mass market appeal. I won’t try and explain how to play it – all I can say is that there are obscure rules such as this written on the 10s:
Choose any other player to pick up one card. Unless they have a HOOFERS-DOOFERS card.

The HOOFERS-DOOFERS card turns out to be a Queen and has this written on it:
No effect unless you are attacked with a 10 or active HOOFERS-DOOFERS card. Then choose someone to pick up one card.

It’s either genius or madness – history will decide.

If you manage to learn Level 1, you get to open the ‘Levels 2 – 7’ box and shuffle in eight new Level 2 cards. Don’t go crazy and try and jump more than one level!

Flaps is available for 210.00 Kč plus 70 Kč postage within the Czech Republic from There’s maybe just enough time to order a pack as a stocking filler for someone you love  – or hate!