Le Bouquet is an excellent wine and tapas bar in Vinohrady.

The theme is based around the actress Dagmar Frýbortová (yes I hadn’t heard of her either) who apparently lived in the building. Even if you don’t know her, the classic black & white movie pictures add a nice atmosphere.

I’d say there’s room for 30 people seated at tables plus half a dozen or so at the bar – it’s a cozy place. I almost don’t want to write about Le Bouquet because it’s perfect for me just as it is and too many visitors might change it.

I just found out that jazz singer, Sisa Feher, will be performing live tomorrow, Monday 9th September and already booked my table.

I was at Sisa’s last Le Bouquet concert and it was just a really excellent evening. I recorded this video on my phone , but it came out really dark. Don’t let that put you off as the music is well worth listening to and you’ll get a feeling of the atmosphere.

Maybe I’ll see you there, just don’t all arrive at once!

Le Bouquet
Záhřebská 13, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady

Open 16:00 to Midnight every day except Sunday

Tel: +420 720 542 437



Sisa Feher

If you want to find out about Sisa Feher go to http://sisafeherova.sk/

There is also Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/feherorocher/

If tomorrow is too short notice, Sisa and her band play Jazz Dock on Tuesday 10th September https://www.jazzdock.cz/en/ with concert detail https://www.jazzdock.cz/en/koncert/jazz-real-estate-agency-gaudi-present-sisa-feherova-fehero-rocher-cz-sk-2