Lime electric scooters arrived in Prague almost a year ago. People whizz past on them. Some people love them and some people hate them.

Soon after the scooters appeared, Prague 2 banned them. Entire areas appeared as a red zone on the Lime app map. It didn’t make much difference and scooters were still driven and parked within the red zone.

A few days ago Lime announced that parking your scooter in a red zone would result in a 100 Kč fine.

It isn’t clear who keeps the 100 Kč. Lime obviously don’t have a sci-fi way to kill the motor when you cross into the red zone. But they do know where you parked – that’s also  the way you find a Lime scooter on the app.

I checked a red zone this morning and there was only one scooter.

But that’s because the scooters are collected at night by Lime ‘juicers’ – those paid by Lime to pick up and recharge scooters.

I checked more red zones at 14.25.

That’s 900 Kč in fines – or 800 Kč if the one parked on the edge of the Vyšehrad zone appeals the fine.

So if you’re Lime user, watch out where you  park.

If you want to read how these Lime scooters work, my original article is here.