Roof Watch 12th March: The roof has been repaired!

Roof Watch 18:25 11th March 2019: As night falls over the UPC building, the hole in the roof and slipped tile are barely visible through the darkness – but remain.

Roof Watch update 15:07 11th March 2019: UPC replied:
Thank you for letting us know. Our facility manager is looking into it. We can assure you that this was a one time occurrence due to extreme winds.
They didn’t need to apologise as it was just the wind and their building is pretty solid, but it’s good to know they are aware of the issue.

Sunday 10th March was a very windy night in the Czech Republic.  A state of emergency has been declared in many areas of South and Western Bohemia and the Vysocina regions, after winds with speeds of over 85 km/h and gusts of 110 km/h, caused damage to infrastructure in many cities, towns and villages.

My own experience was to find that a row of tiles had become dislodged from the roof of the UPC building in Prague. I could see this from my window.

The tiles looked like they could slide down and cause more damage, or worse still injure someone below.

So I walked around to the UPC building and showed the picture to the girls on their reception – I think for a while they thought I was either crazy, or that I was a roofer who wanted some work. I’m not sure if it happens in the Czech Republic, but in England we are plagued by unsolicited offers from people, usually from the ‘traveller community’,  who say:
I was working on your neighbours roof and could see some damage to your roof – I could fix it for £100.

Let’s see how long it takes to repair – if I see someone making repairs, I’ll update this exciting ‘Roof Watch’ article, just like a 24-hour rolling news cycle!

My UPC connection is unaffected! Genuine roofers can offer their services to UPC at the address below:

UPC Czech Republic
Závišova 5
140 00 Prague 4