Zátiší Group have several restaurants in Prague; Bellevue (the flagship), V ZátišíMlýnec, Žofín Garden and Café Rudolfinum.

Over twenty years ago, their portfolio was better. There also weren’t as many places to choose from back then.

Bellevue and V Zátiší were still there, but across the river there was also a small luxury place called U Patrona, a casual dining space called Circle Line and underneath that was a high-end restaurant (I think it was Avalon).  U Patrona is still a restaurant https://en.upatrona.cz/ – no idea what it’s like now.

The space now occupied by Mlýnec was a lively salsa club – so much more fun than Mlýnec.

Bellevue used to offer an excellent Sunday Brunch with inclusive drinks. I remember having a permanent table reserved for brunch and my friends would call and add themeselves. I once booked for thirty people for my birthday.

All of this activity meant that I was sent a Gold Zátiší Club card and that offered benefits such as discounts, a complimentary bottle of wine to take home after dinner and a car to drive us home.  It also meant that I received some fantastic birthday gifts; bottle of champagne delivered and two-for-one dinner offers with complimentary aperitifs.

Bellevue discontinued their brunch – we now visit the Marriott for brunch. We felt that V Zátiší wasn’t offering the same quality and value as before. And with so many new restaurants opening, we forgot about the Zátiší group for a year or so.

The birthday champagne dried up.  I was sent a standard Zátiší Club card – I thought my years of spending there might have added me to some ‘Gold-for-life list! Even the offer of a free aperitif failed to appear. This year I received an envelope containing a nice card sleeve.

Inside a card signed by Sanjiv Suri himself:

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, it does seem like a failed marketing opportunity. Considering I didn’t visit when I had a glass of champagne, two-for-one dinner, complimentary bottle of wine to take away and a ride home, I’m hardly likely to rush down just because I received a card!

So looks like my Zátiší days are really over – but feel free to keep sending the birthday cards!