July 2019 update: The restaurant has now changed to  https://www.oasisbytheriver.cz/?lang=en I haven’t tried it yet.

Jacob’s Restaurant now occupies the space that used to be Oliva Restaurant. Oliva wasn’t a bad place but suffered by being too expensive for a mid-week night, not quite good enough for a Saturday.

Jacob’s seem to have remedied the cost element with a reasonably-priced menu – well except for the wine which is completely out of step.

The interior has been re-decorated – the old Oliva wallpaper replaced with fake brick wallpaper.

A Hubertus 0.5l beer (yes, I hadn’t seen this beer before in Prague either) was only 39Kč. It’s a pretty good beer.

Fish and chips was 210 Kč and was good pub food.

The flank steak with a slightly odd jacket potato good value at 290 Kč.

The cheapest bottle of red Czech wine was 360 Kč. The cheapest glass of non-Czech wine was 130Kč – I think that was Montepulciano. I have no idea why they have priced the beer so well but completely over priced the wine. On a really positive note – tap water is free.

Just like everywhere else in Prague these days, they offer a selection of burgers.
20th October 2018 update: We tried a burger last night and were pretty disappointed. The bun wasn’t good. The meat dry. It’s a pity as I really expected the burgers to be good based on the other food they serve. So we won’t be having another burger here – will stick with Maso je Maso for that.

We’ll certainly return to Jacob’s and I think it has a good chance of survival – let’s just hope they make the wine affordable.

Jacob’s Restaurant
Plavecká 404/4,
Praha 2 128 00

+420 222 520 288


Open every day: 11:00 – 23:00