Václav Havel Airport was formerly known as Prague Ruzyně – the airport changed its name on the 5th October 2012 on what would have been former Czech President Havel’s 76th birthday).

There are two Terminals; Terminal One is dedicated to flights outside the Schengen Area (free movement between ten EU countries) and Terminal Two for Schengen Area flights. Terminal Two is much nicer and also has a single security channel. In Terminal One, each gate has security – this leads to increased confiscation of water bottles, poor management of Fast Track access and means that all duty free outlets have to enclose liquids in tamper-proof plastic bags.

But what’s this about the Lego? Terminal Two’s landside concourse has a large Lego model of the airport – that means its accessible to anyone, even non-flyers who might like to visit. The model is interactive, in that you can press various buttons and see vehicles and aircraft move around.

Below some pictures of Václav Havel Airport – in Lego: