8th March 2019 update: Putica has now closed at this location, although the sign is still there and there seems to be a restaurant in operation. I’m not surprised the venture failed – see my August 2018 update below.

13th August 2018 update: We visited Putica yesterday, mainly because Maso je maso is closed on Sundays. The burgers were a disappointment. We even spoke to the chef who insisted nothing had changed, except that the menu is focussing even more on burgers – the exact opposite to my previous requests to them asking why they seem to innovate at lunchtime and not in the evenings. I can no longer recommend Putica for dinner.

Putica was previously at Anglická 81/24 not far from IP Pavlova metro. The location was closed (landlord wanted the space back) and, after a while, a new Putica opened on Francouzská 75/4 – still not far from IP Pavlova but very close to Náměstí Míru.

I guess the owners of Putica made some deal with Retro restaurant and downstairs night club as the full name is now ‘Putica Restaurant by Retro’. The outside is a little confused as a long sign says ‘Retro’ and then there is a smaller ‘Putica’ sign. The new space has a large outside terrace, although the road isn’t that quiet.

Many of the staff are still there and the service and food are just as good. For example, here is the small 100g version of their classic burger (matured beef, smoked bacon, Cheddar, homemade ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and honey mustard
140 Kč):

The large 170g is 240Kč but comes with fries and herb dip.

The interior has had some remodelling:

One thing that hasn’t changed is the focus on the lunch menu. I’m regularly tortured by their FaceBook posts offering interesting lunch dishes; pasta, lasagne, quesadilla, chillia con carne. But I can only make time in the evening when the menu reverts to the standard offering – it’s not bad, I’m just bored of it now. So we really only visit when we want a good burger.

I remember when the old Putica first opened, I had a really excellent, closest to Italy as you could get, Pappardella pasta dish – I’ve never seen that again. If they could start adding more evening specials then I’d definitely visit more often.

If you liked the old Putica then you’ll be happy here – especially if you’re lucky enough to have lunch there.

+420 603 176 111

Putica Restaurant by Retro
Francouzská 75/4
120 00 Praha 2

Monday – Thursday
11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Friday and Saturday
11:00 AM-12:00 AM
12:00 PM-10:00 PM