I remember navigating the maze at Hampton Court Palace as a child. I really enjoyed trying to find the centre of the maze. Since then, I’m surprised that I haven’t sought out mazes when travelling. I have a feeling that it’s because I want the maze to myself and not have people walking back from a dead end saying “Oh it’s a dead end”. Yeah thanks so much, why not tell me the end of the book I’m reading while you’re at it!

Corn mazes have appeared in the Czech Republic – but before you call Fox Mulder, these mazes weren’t created by aliens. Apparently, corn mazes are a tradition in North America. Unlike the English garden maze, made of hedge, corn mazes are created by cutting paths into a corn field that has been planted specifically for the purpose of maze creation. The corn is then harvested and a new maze appears the following year.

A company called Fit-Jump has created 25 corn mazes in the Czech Republic. The mazes are large – the biggest, in Brno, is the size of two football pitches. There are three near Prague; Praha Koloděje, Praha Líbeznice, and Praha Vestec.

The nearest looks like Praha Vestec. The website shows the location on a map, but doesn’t offer any advice on how to get to the maze if you don’t have a car. There also isn’t any detail about nearby bars or restaurants. For Praha Vestec it looks like you need to take the Red C Metro Line to Budějovická, then take a 322 Bus seven stops to ‘Vestec,Safina’. Restaurace Na Blatech and Restaurace U Klimešů look like the nearest beer/food places. If I can organise myself to visit then I’ll update this page.

July opening hours of the Praha Vestec maze are:
Monday – Friday
10:00 – 20:00
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays
9:00 – 20:00

Children up to 3 years: free
Children from 3 – 15 years: 60 CZK
Adults: 85 CZK
Pensioner over 70 years, disabled: 60 CZK

They also offer the chance to book the maze for yourself, although I’m not sure how much that costs.