I previously wrote about U Emy Destinnové back in September 2013. We’ve been back a few times since then, but they just re-opened after some redecoration and also have a great fish platter offer.

U Emy Destinnové is on a quiet street not far from IP Pavlova metro station. I believe they will add some more decoration outside, but this is how it looked on Monday 17th July – the first day open since redecoration.

The restaurant name stems from the Czech opera singer called Emmy Destinn. The theme only extends to a pictures of Emmy on the walls; no opera played, no dishes called Emy’s Clam Chowder etc.

Emmy Destinn also appears on the Czech 2000Kc banknote:


But for this visit we received plenty of change from our Emmy as there was a summer special offer. The image below is a direct link to the restaurant website – so if you can’t see it the offer is over.

I mentioned the offer in my email reservation. We still weren’t quite sure how much food there would be. The chef patron, Steven Trumpfheller, recognised us from previous visits. The waiter was really friendly, so much so that we monopolised him a bit by chatting too much.

We ordered wine by the glass, 0,15l Vin de Pays Syrah et Grenache (110Kc). This represents good value considering the least expensive bottle of French red on wine list is 775Kc. If were ordering by the bottle, my choice would be Trivento Reserve Malbec, Argentina – Mendoza, 100% Malbec (950Kc) but really I think that should be about 700Kc. Oh and yes we have red with everything, except pudding!

We were tempted to order starters, but weren’t sure how big the fish platter would be. So we decided to wait and maybe have pudding after.

Two platters arrived, each looking like this:

The portion was so generous that we started to suspect that the offer advert wasn’t completely clear and that the price would be 699Kc per person. I’m guessing the chef added an extra scallop or two because we’re regulars but still. Octopus was substituted with tuna. We probably would have preferred octopus but the tuna was very good.

I paused to look around the room.

The place is certainly brighter and more cheerful than before. After I took this picture, a group of 8 people arrived – so not bad for a Monday night.

We were both absolutely full from all the delicious seafood and fish. So full that we skipped the crème brûlée and opted to pay the bill.

I was really happy to find that we’d been charged 699Kc for the two platters. I’d be amazed if the restaurant made any profit from our visit.

Even if you miss the special offer, the menu items are good value and quality. I’d recommend a visit.

U Emy Destinnové
Kateřinská 7,
120 00, Praha 2


+420 224 918 425

Mo – Fr 11:00 – 23:00
Sat 18:00 – 23:30
Sun closed