U Havlíčků isn’t somewhere you’d find unless you lived locally or were invited by a local. I had to follow a friend’s instructions to arrive there:

To get there, take a tram 11 or 14 going out of town to Pod Jezerkou.
When you get off, you, take the road opposite, Mendíků all the way until you cross over the Botič stream.
To your right is a big, triangular space.
Walk to the far edge and go right.
That is Magistrů. The pub is on the second block, about 63.37 metres ahead.
The door is around the corner in Děkanská

I found the place quite easily.

There were tables outside – the street was quiet.

Inside was classic Czech but that’s not a bad thing:

The Czech beer on tap was Staropramen 11 0.5l 35Kc. I’m not normally a fan of Staropramen but the several I had at U Havlíčků were very good.

There were only Czech menus available – that’s not a complaint as this is the Czech Republic. Our waitress seemed to speak pretty good English.

Not knowing the food, I played it safe and ordered a burger (I think 175Kc). I was disappointed to find that a slice of cheese was 20Kc extra – really no need to charge for that. I was also disappointed that only regular fries were available and not chunky fries. Friends who had visited before had a bowl or mussels and a plate of prawns. I was quite surprised to see seafood as a speciality of a local bar but was assured that the food was good.

My burger was pretty good and came with coleslaw – even the fries were better than I expected.

The staff were friendly and efficient. There was free wi-fi available. The toilets were clean and had paper towels – better than hand dryers.

I’m sure we’ll return.

Restaurace U Havlíčků
Magistrů 173/6,
140 00 Praha 4,

Tel.: (+420) 602 329 900

e-mail: info@uhavlicku.cz


Open every day from 1100 – 2300