We were on our way to Café Lounge for dinner and that meant jumping off the tram at Ujezd. Just by the tram stop was what I thought was a bar themed around air travel. We went in to investigate and found that this was actually a flight simulator.

The first room looks like a bar and I’m still not sure whether you can just pop in for a drink. I thought the ‘pilot’ was just a bartender dressed as a pilot, but I think that he was actually a real pilot!

The room to the left contains a reconstruction of a Boeing 737 cockpit and a few rows of passenger seats:

We were handed a leaflet that described some of their experiences; fly with an instructor, extreme flight and/or emergency situations. It wasn’t clear if you could just be a passenger, maybe sit and have a snack and drink served by a flight attendant. Looking at their website, it seems that you can pay for a pilot experience and bring up to ten ‘passenger’ friends; four in business and six in economy. There doesn’t appear to be an option to just be a passenger.

The simulator is also static, so it isn’t like one of those boxes on hydraulic pumps that moves about.

It may be that they make enough money selling pilot experiences. Otherwise, I think they should consider running the place like a bar, where you sit and are served drinks like on an aircraft. Or they could offer ‘experiences’ for those who are scared of flying. None of these would appeal to me that much, but I’m sure some people would pay for that.

I won’t be reviewing this place as I’m not planning to pay for a pilot experience. If you do happen to reserve a pilot experience and would like a passenger, please let me know – I’d want to sit in business class though!

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