Cicala Trattoria, Italian Restaurant, Prague, Czech Republic

This restaurant was here when I first came to Prague in 1997 and is still excellent. Mr. Cicala is still at the restaurant and is supported by an array of family members.

The entrance is on a busy, scruffy street and almost looks like an Italian deli as all you can see from the window is a deli-style counter. Further back is a room that once had ambitions to be an upstairs pizzeria, but has now become a Cicala family room – you’ll meet various friendly family members as you pass and find your way downstairs into the main restaurant.


Perhaps the street anonymity is why the place became the favourite haunt of numerous movie stars while they are filming in Prague – you can check out the various pictures on the restaurant walls. Anonymity aside, the food is what keeps them coming back.


The place is always busy and you should make a reservation in advance.

Our favourites are the antipasti misti, panzerotti and linguine pasta and the meat with spinach and rosemary potatoes – although we usually can’t eat all of that and have just two our of the three.

A carafe of red house wine is fine.

You’ll most likely spend about 1500Kc for two people.

I’d recommend a visit if you’re in Prague.

cicala-02 cicala-03

Cicala Trattoria
Žitná 43,
110 00, Prague 1, Czech Republic

tel: +420 222 210 375
fax: +420 241 434 350

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday 11:30 – 15:00 and 17:00 – 22:00
Sunday – closed

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