Miky’s Food, Vietnamese/Thai Restaurant, Prague, Czech Republic

Miky’s Food opened in Oct 2015. As with most places, it was something else before. The interior has an art deco mezzanine floor and spotlights pointing to what was once a stage – now a pond with turtles.




On our visit we sat downstairs by the pond. There were four of us.

We found a bottle of Merlot for 250kc on the small wine list. This turned out to be from Skovin Macedonia – a pretty good wine that is normally about 150kc in the shops – good value at 250kc in a restaurant.

We asked for a jug of tap water. There was some confusion as a small jug arrived with a straw. So we asked for bigger and three more small jugs arrived – all with straws! We were happy with that and the jugs were refilled whenever we asked.

Starters, such as three tiger prawns or two spring rolls averaged about 75kc.

Mains, such as a duck red curry, averaged about 155kc plus rice 25kc.

The service was friendly, food delicious and good value. We’ll definitely visit again.

Miky’s food Vršovice,
Kodaňská 572/47, Vršovice, Praha 10

+420 267311862

I think they are open each day from 11 – 23.00 – but please call to check. They don’t have a website, only a Facebook page:


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