Sansho describes itself as ‘Asian Casual Fine Dining’ which sounds contradictory. Having visited, I understand what they are trying to describe – I think ‘Gourmet Asian Casual Dining’ is probably closer. Basically we are talking, gourmet pan-Asian food, served in simple dining space.

I only found out about Sansho a few weeks ago, but apparently it’s been open since 2011. I’ve never seen any publicity, but they obviously don’t need it, as it took those two weeks before I could get a table on a Saturday night.

When we entered, the front of the restaurant was pretty casual, bench-style tables, white walls, eclectic groups of diners – it felt almost like a pub, except that I was aware of the prices and decided these were foodies!

Our table was in the back room – a simple space with white walls, industrial-style lighting, simple tables with tablecloth. But is was quieter and cosier than the front.

Our waitress explained that in the evenings they have a tasting menu rather than á la carte. She then proceeded to describe all the dishes and asked if we had any allergies or strong preferences, as they could substitute some courses. Everything sounded good, although we decided to substitute the pork belly – I’m glad we did, as we had delicious pork Dim Sum instead.

There was no actual menu and no pricing – but I had a pretty good idea from looking at their website. We ordered a bottle of Malbec for around 850Kc. A jug of tap water, with a large slice of cucumber and some mint leaves, was delivered. I like that they don’t try and sell some expensive bottled water.

Each course was really delicious. I could go in to detail about the freshness of the salad, the slow-cooked Beef Rendang and more, but you’re better trying this for yourself.

We weren’t quite sure if there was a pudding. We were full already. Our waitress advised that pudding was available but extra. So we paid the bill – 2700Kc plus tip.

Our waitress was really friendly and happy to chat about the restaurant, the food and the philosophy of the chef. We didn’t feel rushed.

I’d thoroughly recommend Sansho. It’s expensive in a city where you can dine out quite well for 1000Kc. But the food is an obvious step up from those places. If you are a group, go for the front, a couple in the back.

Lunch 11:30 – 14:00 (Tues – Fri)
Dinner 18:00 – 23:00 (Tues – Sat)
Closed Sundays and Mondays

+420 222 317 425 / / Petrská 25, 110 00 Praha