21st July 2017 update: The place has been closed for several weeks now. It isn’t a surprise – we stopped visiting as the quality declined as they tried to save money.

16th April 2016 update: We returned and spoke to the owner about the missing meat in dishes. Since then we’ve had two meals there and both with good portions of chicken and lamb in the curries.

5th March 2016 update: We visited last night and the restaurant was pretty empty. I’m guessing they must be trying to save money as both our curries only had a few pieces of meat in them – should be 150g. Of all the ways to cut costs, this must be the worst as we probably won’t go back.

Open for just one month, this new Indian restaurant is hoping to beat the curse of the space it occupies. I remember when the place was Greek, Lebanese, Indian and then I think Croatian.

The interior, mostly unchanged from all the previous incarnations, is stylish, with gold-leaf lion motifs on the walls, solid tables and modern toilets. I remember there was a small garden to the rear – not sure of they’ll open that in the summer.

We ordered papadums (39kc for two) Mango chutney (29kc) and two 0.5l bottles of Kozel dark beer (39kc per). In the UK, it’s common for papadums to be served with a variety of dips; mango chutney, yoghurt, lime pickle etc. Unfortunately, all the Indian restaurants I’ve visited in Prague charge extra for these items.

The papadums were round and flat, not rolled as some other Prague places do – they were good, just a little bit small.

We ordered the following:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala 179kc
  • Lamb Madras 229kc
  • Rice and Naan 49kc each

The waiter asked us how spicy we would like each dish; we went for spicy madras, medium spicy Masala.

The curries were good and just the right spiciness for us. The naan was a little bit thin and crispy.

There are some wines available, including a Merlot for 249kc. We asked about its origin for future reference and it was Italian – so not a bad price for this wine.

When we paid the bill we were given a voucher for 25% off our next meal. It might be worth visiting the restaurant prior to your visit and (cheekily) ask if they have any special offer vouchers.

All in all a pretty good experience and we’ll go back.

MAHARAJA – indická restaurace
Pod Karlovem 1574/12
Praha 2 – Vinohrady
Tel: 721 122 285
E-mail: info@restauracemaharaja.cz
Web: www.restauracemaharaja.cz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/restauracemaharaja

Opening times:
Monday – Closed
Tuesday to Friday 11:00 – 23:00
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 23:00