Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal took over a bankrupt 16th century brewery in 1991 and started brewing Bernard beer in the town of Humpolec. So Bernard is a new brand in the Czech Republic – especially when compared to Budweiser Budwar (1785) and Gambrinus (1869).

The Bernard beer is pretty good, with plenty of varieties to choose from and the company has expanded into the bar/restaurant business. The Bernard Pub Bruselská is the fifth such pub/restaurant that they have opened in Prague.

The place used to be called U Wébrů and up until a few years ago was a good local bar. But the food went downhill and we stopped visiting. And so I was looking forward to a newly refurbished restaurant with better food.

Barnard have erected a large stand-alone sign outside – I’m actually amazed that the town allowed it. There is a menu of sorts written on it in chalk, but it’s hard to read and only in Czech.

Once inside, the menu looked like someone had thought about providing a good selection of international pub food; fish and chips, burger, risotto, quesadilla, goulash and steaks.

The description for the fish and chips read:
Cod fried in beer batter with home-made chips, vinegar mayonnaise and pressed peas. 155Kc. Sounds delicious and good value doesn’t it? I was also hoping that ‘pressed peas’ was a mistranslation and they really meant mushy peas.

Six of us ordered the fish and chips, one a burger, one risotto and another a goulash.

The fish and chips arrived to immediate disappointment. The batter was overcooked and oily, not light and fluffy as it should be and the chips were anaemic thin-cut McDonalds style that you’d normally see in a frozen food packet. On further inspection, the fish was grey not white. The pressed peas were exactly that, some undercooked peas pressed out of shape using a mortar and pestle.

The risotto was a big sloppy mess. The burger was sad and depressing.

The goulash was good!

We didn’t complain – just won’t eat there again.

The two waitresses were efficient and friendly. It’s just such a shame that the food is so bad – perhaps the old chef from U Wébrů is still in the basement like some phantom?

Bernard Pub Bruselská
Bruselská 328/8
120 00 Praha 2

Tel:+420 777 183 575