There are a number of Thai restaurants in Prague. Sadly our favourites always seem to close down – let’s hope we didn’t jinx this place as it was pretty good.

Since June this year, Bělehradská street has been the scene of a complete renovation of the tram tracks. Below are some pictures of the construction I took over a month ago. Many businesses have suffered because people have taken different routes. Equally, more people are walking rather than passing by tram and that’s helpful to a new restaurant such as Mesy as there is an opportunity to check the menu outside.

The entrance and upstairs part of the restaurant is quite small with an open kitchen. Downstairs opens up into a large, nicely renovated room with some Thai theming. It was a pretty busy Friday night and there was a noisy table of ten dining. It’s difficult to stop the echo in these cellars as there nowhere for the sound to escape.

We ordered red French wine by the glass (50Kc for 0.2l) which was a pretty good price. The odd part was that the same wine didn’t appear on the wine list – the least expensive bottle of red being 450Kc. So we’ll be sticking with their wine by the glass and I’d recommend you do the same. We also ordered a large bottle of sparkling water – this turned out to be 0.7l Perrier for 120Kc which is over-priced. I forgot to ask if a carafe of tap water was possible – but will next time.

For starters:

  • Fresh Spring Roll with sweet and sour sauce 145Kc
  • Shrimps Cake with plum sauce 185Kc

The two spring rolls turned out the uncooked, cold variety, we think those are called ‘summer rolls’ and I probably wouldn’t have ordered them had I known. They were also just lettuce wrapped in rice paper but were nice enough. The sauce was really spicy. But I don’t think these represent good value at 145Kc and wouldn’t have them again.
The Shrimps Cake was delicious.

For our main courses we both ordered a red chicken curry  with coconut milk, pineapple and Thai vegetables 185Kc each including rice. The curry was delivered in attractive cast iron pots. Each portion of rice was a really good size. We really enjoyed the curry, although next time I will ask for it to be more spicy. I would have preferred the sauce to be a little thicker and contain more pineapple and vegetables.

For pudding we both had Thai Mango with sweet sticky rice 175Kc per. This was just how we remembered it from Thailand and really excellent.

I visited the toilets – they were immaculate; new, clean, tidy with plenty of soap and paper towels. It may seem strange to focus on this, but so many places don’t bother.

We’ll definitely be returning to this place – perhaps focusing on the good value main courses rather than splashing out on expensive starters.

Mesy Restaurant
Bělehradská 98, Prague 12000, Czech Republic

Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner

+420 773 268 059

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