Wine O’clock Shop – Prague, Czech Republic

April 2016 update: Alex from Wine O’clock has opened a place in Vinohrady called Le Bouquet. Wine O’clock is still a great place, although busy now they are top of the trip advisor list.

This ‘more than just a wine shop’ opened in June 2015 – I’ve walked past dozens of times without even noticing, until some friends invited me this week.

It’s such a good place that I almost considered keeping it secret and not writing anything – but that wouldn’t be fair on the owners.

The place is small, with a long counter and three tables. There are stools along the counter where you can sit, drink wine and eat tapas. On my visit, there was a really friendly guy, Alex, in charge, who really enjoyed talking about the wines and fed us various expertly-prepared tapas.

Wine O’clock is on Liliova street midway between the Irish Times pub and O’Che’s Bar. The area around this peaceful wine and foodie haven is busy with tourists spilling from the Charles Bridge on their way to the Old Town Square.

So if you find yourself nearby and want to step away from the usual tourist haunts, I’d recommend a visit.

118 00

TEL: +420 773 201 216

Open from Tuesday – Sunday from 13:00-22:00


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