This restaurant is part of a chain of five restaurants around Prague – although one is a bit further out in Průhonice. All offer a similar menu which is a mixture of pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes. The Pizzeria name belies the quality of the environment, food and service – all of these are much better than you would expect.

The náměstí Míru location benefits from having a large summer garden. This has been completely refurbished for this year and looks fantastic. You can see an artist’s impression of the new garden on the Restaurant Website – and it looks pretty much like that although there is also a large covered, but open-sided dining area that isn’t shown in that picture.

The restaurant and garden share a kitchen and menu, but there is no direct route between the two. If you want to visit the restaurant, you enter via the main entrance, for the garden, you walk a few metres along the street and follow a passageway that opens up into the garden that is surrounded by residential flats on all sides.

The restaurant is modern and has a small mezzanine floor with additional tables. The restaurant is completely non-smoking. The restaurant tables are slightly too close together and the place gets a bit echoey when busy. Nonetheless, I quite like the main restaurant, but I think the real gem is the garden.

The garden tables are nicely spaced. The open air tables are smoking, the covered, but open-sided dining area is non-smoking. The downside of the garden is the Prague rule of ‘no noise within earshot of residential areas after 10pm’. This isn’t a bad rule for residents, but it looks like the residents have made life difficult for the restaurant as the staff are anxious to clear the garden by 9:30pm. The garden isn’t plagued by bugs – I would of course like my dream restaurant garden which would be enclosed on all sides by the same bug screens that surround Florida swimming pools, but that’s not going to happen.

The garden has its own toilets – no need to walk back around to the main restaurant.

Neither the restaurant nor the garden have wifi – I’d really like this to be available and free.

The house wine at 95 CZK for a half litre carafe is pretty good. A large 0.75l bottle of Mattoni Grand sparkling water is 75 CZK. If you are ordering food, you also are given a complimentary bread basket and butter – the bread is very nice and we always eat it.

The pizza, fresh pasta, meat and fish dishes are all really good and reasonably priced. Desserts are pretty good although we don’t normally order them.

I’d recommend a visit – especially now the summer is here.

Francouzská 2, náměstí Míru, Prague 2

Reservations tel.: +420 224 252 778

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11.30 – 23.00