This restaurant opened, I think, March 2014 and it’s taken this long for me to go there. We visited on a Sunday evening as a group of five guys, the day before my birthday. This wasn’t actually planned as my birthday celebration – just a boy’s night out.

I’d previously visited their website to book a table and the site asked me to register. Upon registering I was offered a 500Kc birthday voucher – there were some conditions (in Czech) on the voucher, such as you need to prove it is your birthday and the voucher is only valid on your actual birthday. A call to the restaurant and they confirmed there was some leeway and certainly the day before was fine. I’m still not sure how far either side you can book. Booking on the site was slightly confusing as I was only offered tables for two people – so I booked three tables! After some emails, my booking was confirmed.

We arrived at 7pm and the place was almost empty – and it’s quite a big place. My table had a pink taffeta bow tied around it – this caused some amusement as we were all dining without our wives or girlfriends. The voucher, or maybe website, did mention some special surprises for birthday guests, but the only surprise was the bow and not a welcome drink.

The menu has steaks priced with weight 100g. For example, the Filet Steak is 230Kc for 100g. I tried to order a 250g filet steak but was told that the only sizes available were 350g or 500g. I would understand if it wasn’t possible to order a 100g steak and I also get that the steaks are priced per 100g. But if there are restrictions on the sizes available, I think the menu should say 350g  – 805Kc and 500g – 1150Kc. As it was, my steak was excellent and I ate all 350g.

Our waiter was friendly and helpful.

We ordered the Familia Schroeder Saurus Malbec from Patagonia (Argentina side) for 680Kc which wasn’t so overpriced as you would pay perhaps 450Kc in the shops for this great wine.

There was a large open kitchen which seemed well-ventilated as none of the cooking smells permeated the restaurant.

We had a range of starters from carpaccio to quesadillas and all were excellent.

Considering what a critical group we can be, it was great to hear everyone praise the quality of the steak and preparation. Nobody tried the pasta so I can’t comment on this, except to say that I noticed that there was only linguine and spaghetti dishes – these being the easiest to prepare.

I’d recommend this place if you are looking for a great steak in Prague. It certainly isn’t the cheapest but from my single visit experience the service and food are very good.

Butcher’s Grill & Pasta
Mlynářská 3
Tel.: +420 296 150 153