9th April 2015 update: Privilege Pass now includes free choice of assigned seating.

Wizz Air is a low-cost Hungarian Airline. I only use them to fly from London Luton to Prague. Like most low-cost airlines, the initial flight is cheap and then you have to pay for checked luggage, large (bigger than a laptop bag) cabin bag, priority boarding, reserved seating etc. If you are only taking one flight a year, alone, with Wizz then this post isn’t for you – you’ll just need to pay all these extras as you need them.

Wizz already has a Wizz Discount Club program that costs €29.99 per year and saves €10 per flight. This does work and is certainly worth buying if you plan on flying a few times in the year. Or, if you are flying in a group as the discount applies to all those traveling with you on the same booking.

I see that Wizz has now added another program called Privilege Pass. This costs €99 per year. The benefits are:

  • WIZZ Xpress Priority Boarding – priority boarding queue. Normally €4
  • Free Large Cabin Bag (up to the size of 56x45x25cm) free of charge. Normally €10-20 depending on flight time and season.

I normally add Reserved Seating to my booking for €10. This guarantees a seat in the first two rows of the aircraft. Not many passengers take this option and so you can usually arrange so that the middle seat is free. Well worth €10 for extra elbow room – more important than leg room I think. So I was worried that the privilege Pass wouldn’t be much of a benefit until I discovered that Reserved seating is discounted by €4 (the Priority Boarding portion of the charge).

So if you are flying several times a year, carry a normal-sized bag and like to get on and off the aircraft first, then the Privilege Pass is a good deal. Some may say that passengers shouldn’t have to pay for a carry on bag or reserved seat – but that’s the pricing model. For example, I can usually book a LUT-PRG flight for around £30 whereas the cheapest BA LHR-PRG flight (without checked luggage) is £60. BA also charge non-Executive Club Bronze and above, £10 to reserve a seat.

The other thing I noticed when checking in for my flight was that the Passport information (that I have to enter over and over again every online check in) can now be saved to your Wizz Air profile. I’m hoping the details will be shown next time I check in.